Location: Al Jawaher Centre, Sharjah

360ties always fascinate – regardless of culture or age group! That was our unanimous summary after 6 days in the United Arab Emirates. We captured unique moments on set at the Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival (SICFF) with guests big and small. Impressive – this time in front of and behind the cameras – was the really exuberant enthusiasm of the guests for the applied technology and of course the fascination of the 360ties images. Rotatable images? For many participants this was an absolute premiere!

In addition, the smartphone affinity, which is far above the German average, did the rest. In seconds, protagonists posted the multi-perspectives on social channels and sent them via WhatsApp. Besides loud (children’s) laughter and enormous joy of movement on the set, this time hundreds of reactions via smartphone signal were part of the scenery! This was a high-end visitor activation!

Twister Stage