The 360ties moment.

360ties photographs the bullet time effect *. In doing so, we recognized early on the power and strength that lies in this torque for marketing and advertising. Our team of photographers, creatives and IT professionals has been developing technical and content concepts, producing event modules and realizing bullet time shoots for content production for 14 years.

Our innovation to use the element of surprise at live events for brand activation and reach in social media was already awarded the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT at CEBIT in 2013 in the category “Online Marketing”.
Social sharing tools from 360ties set the standard today. Guests become brand ambassadors and live events become relevant content in a matter of seconds and in compliance with data protection regulations (DSGVO).

*Bullet time photography means the semi-circular or circular arrangement of numerous cameras around an object or person. Triggered simultaneously, the individual images in sequence result in a flowing movement around an apparently “frozen” object in the center. The bullet time effect explodes time and space, turning movement and fleeting moments into spectacular moments.