Concept & Construction

We have been photographing the bullet time effect since 2008 and have been instrumental in its development over the past few years. Use 360ties expert knowledge and successful hardware and software solutions to stage and amplify your individual brand activation even more impressively.

Permanent installation

Fully automated and designed for continuous operation. Set a thousand highlights every day.

Exclusive for everyone

Here comes the perfect visitor activation for museums and shopping malls. One push of a button and within seconds, the video clips on the 65″ monitor and on the smartphones of the visitors are inspiring. Our 24/7 support guarantees the fun non-stop – day after day.


Great opportunities for visualizations in a small space.

Completely Digital.

With the Twister Slim we have a handy bullet time module equipped with 13 cameras. Combined with a green screen, only 4 sqm of space is needed for an impressive live shoot. Background design and branding of the campaign are exclusively digital.

3D Camera

The nostalgic wiggle picture is trendy today as a 3D photo.

Depth effect

Our 3D Camera works with 4 cameras arranged in parallel. Depending on your taste, we calibrate the 3D photos from “clean” to “vintage”. The output of the pics is then user-friendly as GIF or video, which are shared directly from the event.

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