Location: Supercandy! Pop-Up Museum, Cologne

Fun, Fun, Fun: In Supercandy! Pop-Up Museum, the first permanent 360ties installation is one of the highlights – not least because of the interactivity of the set. Museum visitors who want to take unusual, revolving portraits are in the right place. “You push the button, we turn the rest”:
Shooting, image editing, video creation, display on the 65-inch monitor and upload of the rotatable views – all within 90 seconds! Portrayed people thus have immediate access to their video with their smartphone – ready to share. Consistently designed for continuous use: The 360ties setup is perfect for visitor activation in museums. The up to 1,200 Bullet Time recordings per day are simply created at the touch of a button. The 24/7 support of 360ties guarantees the fun non-stop – day after day.

Concepts & Constructions