Melitta :

Bullet Time at the About You Awards

Event: Influencer Award Ceremony and After Show
Location: Munich, Bavaria Filmstadt

At the famous About You Awards hosted by fashion brand About You, everything revolved around lifestyle, fashion and beauty. With over 700 guests and lots of celebrities, the awards ceremony even made it on to television. At the same time, 360ties provided Melitta as sponsor with an additional stage to photograph stars and starlets of the influencer community in Bullet Time. Star influencer Riccardo Simonetti, professional racing driver Nico Hülkenberg and die GNTM winner Toni Dreher skilfully got themselves seen in front of the 360ties lenses.
The highlight: The multi-perspective clips of the celebrities were posted directly on social media channels creating additional publicity for Melitta.

Tool: Twister Stage