what we do

Bullet Time-Shots

Inspire your customers: With our multi-camera systems we provide the perfect backdrop for your brand and your messages. For online campaigns, social media or e-commerce, we create interactive bullet time-images that get seen. We shot flexibly in the studio or on location. Discover now how to visualise your brand with 360ties and generate cutting-edge content.

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pimp your event

The special activation for your guests: 360ties on your event. With bullet time photos we capture your guests dynamically at trade fairs or exhibitions, at the point-of-interest, at employee- or corporate events. A live experience that people not only remember, but which also generates strong images and stories that can be immediately distributed on social networks. See here how top brands score points for their live communication with 360ties. Check out how top brands score points for their live activation with 360ties.

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The Topseller

The Twister is a real promotion and event tool. The camera array is variable and versatile due to its compact dimensions. With up to 23 cameras at an angle of 90 to 120 degrees, the Twister leaves a lasting impression with amazing bullet time photos. Your advantage: short assembly times and fast operational readiness. Available in various sizes and variants, the Twister is the right solution for use at trade fair stands, road shows or employee events.

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