Twister Portrait

"We don't have lots of space" - one of the statements we often hear. Either the location is really small and crowded with guests or the space is just super expensive.

For these situations we invented Twister Portrait. Equipped with 15 cameras and curved backdrop this Twister only needs a total space of 5 square meters (2 x 2,5m). The distance to the subject is only 1m. This is a lot closer than Twister Standard & Compact - with more than 3 people the booth is really crowded.

Like all modules, the Portrait Version will be equipped with an individual fabric print to fit perfectly to your event. Further the curved backdrop with 2.60m height and 2m width will give you all freedom to impress your guests.

Additional to the Twister we provide a microsite. It will be setup in advance and adjusted individually. On the web page participants can access their pictures, share them directly into social networks, send them via email, download or even watch them in 3D with VR glasses. ▶ more information!

We also offer additional AddOns to make the activation extraordinary.

Multi Camera Array Motion Time Freeze Bullettime 3dgif