Twister Compact S

The Twister Compact S is equipped with 19 cameras with a distance point of 2m. In contrast to the stage module, the cameras are set up in portrait mode. The benefit: even with a shorter distance to a person, it will be captured in whole. The module is more compact and needs less space. The compact version is perfect for single people and groups up to three.

Twister Compact S is the ideal choice for capturing the whole person with a small amount of space. The setup also comes with a curved backdrop with an individual fabric print. As an alternative we also provide a asymetric corner backdrop.

Additional to the Twister we provide a microsite. It will be setup in advance and adjusted individually. On the web page participants can access their pictures, share them directly into social networks, send them via email, download or even watch them in 3D with VR glasses. ▶ more information!

We provide additional AddOns to make the activation extraordinary.



Curved Backdrop


Corner Backdrop