A moving perspective for digital marketing

360-degree photography by 360ties is surprisingly different. In multi-perspective, we use 24, 36 or more cameras to photograph moving subjects and scenes. The camera circle with the simultaneously triggered cameras not only freezes movements all around, but also gives the captured moment a very special, fascinating dynamic. 

360ties have been photographing the time freeze effect for more than 10 years. Based on our practical experience we have developed our own multi-camera techniques and software, which can be used flexibly in the studio or on location.

When everything revolves around fashion: 360-degree shots set the perfect scene for e-commerce and social media. With the new 360ties Fashion Booth we combine innovative bullet time photography with absolute production reliability.

Interactively rotatable, as motion clip or cinemagraph - 360ties turns fashion and brands into impressive motives and inspiring messages that are seen and fascinate your target groups: in online campaigns, in social networks or in e-commerce.