Stay attractive, quick and ahead of competitors

Accelerate your e-commerce success

The popularity of a fashion label is no longer decided at the checkout. Digital presence, speed and reach are the things that count.

Fashion is a matter of opinion especially online and in social media. This is exactly where 360ties comes in: Only the 360-degree-view shows fashion at it's best from every perspective and is available immediately.

360ties maximise enthusiasm and experience.
360ties heighten effect and perception.
360ties increase attractiveness and vibrancy.
360ties are tailor-made to perfectly meet the demands of the digital world.

Whether as an interactive rotating image, as a clip or a “making-of”, 360ties always show fashion and brands from their best side and create easy links to social networks.

The new 360ties Fashion Booth is a mobile studio unit for producing 360-degree images. The 24 cameras are triggered the same moment an capture the models directly in front of w white background. Without any huge post-production steps, the images from the shoot can be published directly with the 360ties Web Service, as a link, a video or a GIF.

360ties are the perfect presentation form for all e-commerce applications and all important social media channels. With the new 360ties Fashion Booth, 360ties is combining innovative fashion photography with 100% reliable production.

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