Bullet Time meets Greenscreen

Our new technology guarantees the maximum eye-catching effect: 360ties can now combine bullet time images with rendering worlds. The person is photographed in front of a greenscreen with our multi-camera system from 19 different perspectives. The background is created as rendering - which is also "recorded" in exactly the same 19 perspectives in virtual space. Bullet time recording and rendering are combined completely automatically directly after the photo shoot. And due to the automated composing, this is also possible in record time: The final video is available on the microsite just 3 minutes after the shooting.

The advantage of combining bullet time and rendering: There are almost no limits to the design of the background. This allows rendering to be customized - for example, product worlds can be integrated into the time freeze view. And this amazing technology creates that maximum amount of attention - both at the event itself and afterwards when watching the videos.

With bullet time plus rendering 360ties is offering a new highlight. And a specially developed technology that is absolutely worthwhile when it comes to the design of your eye-catching event.

Our team provides you with maximum support from finding the idea to support at the event and afterwards.