360ties in a BOX

- the perfect outdoor promotion


The newest invention: 360ties in a BOX offers the same brand- and visitor activaion like all the other bullet time systems from 360ties. The Key-difference: 360ties in a BOX can be setup outdoors  –  in pedestrian zones, on festivals, on outdoor fairgrounds and on any other outdoor event. It's exceptionally suitable for roadshows that are in need of a key component to attract visitors.

With the mobile 360ties Photo Studio participants will be shot with 19 cameras within an 90 degrees angle. The bullet time images will be provided immediately with a personal access on a microsite. Clients, brands and visitors can post the images direclty on social media to share their special photo experience.

All this makes 360ties in a BOX to a highly flexible outdoor tool for promotions of all kind. Visitors will become brand ambassords by sharing their bullet time experience - not only digital but also right on site.

360ties in a BOX is a cooperation with mo systeme form Berlin. It's based on the award winning modulbox. The mobile booth will be setup within minutes and has the form of a cube.

360ties in a BOX is available for long term rent, starting from one week. Setup and operations can be handled by the client - no 360ties staff needed.


The advantages at a glance: 

  • Outdoor-Tool 
  • hifgh attention promotion
  • small space 
  • quick setup