YouTube Arab Social Media Summit:

Following the successful premiere in Berlin, we have been once again on our travels for Google and YouTube. This time the destination was Dubai. Our assignment: same same but different. The objective was to support the high standards demanded of professional YouTubers based on uniform presentation/visualisation with 360ties. What was achieved in Berlin was repeated in the United Arab Emirates: the same twister set, other YouTube stars. 360ties once again proved itself to be a fantastic example for Web 2.0 state-of-the-art communication. Participants were extremely impressed and received above-average attention and respect in this high-tech country.

Anyone who knows that Dubai is a world leader when it comes to realising the Internet of Things and is one of the world’s most digitally networked countries can imagine just what kind of a run our 360 degree pictures triggered at the YouTube Festival.

The twister used was mounted on a diagonal frame and was therefore able to provide exciting additional height perspective. The video-clips were uploaded to a YouTube channel created especially for the event.