SICFF - Sharjah International Children's Film Festival:

360ties never fail to fascinate – irrespective of culture and age. That was our unanimous conclusion after six days in the United Arab Emirates. At the Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival (SICFF) we captured unique moments on set with both younger and older visitors. The overwhelming enthusiasm – behind as well as in front of the camera – of visitors for the technology used and naturally the fascination of the 360ties images was impressive. Rotating pictures? This is an absolute first for many visitors to the SICFF.

Visitors all showed above-average smartphone affinity, which put the icing on the cake. In a matter of seconds the multi-perspective images were uploaded to social media channels and sent to friends using WhatsApp. Besides loud (children’s) laughter and the fun visitors had moving around on set, hundreds of confirmation beeps of smartphones also provided the perfect acoustic backdrop. This is what you call high-end visitor activation.