SAP end-of-year party:

SAP is one of the few global companies which welcomes nearly 10,000 employees to its end-of-year party and it wants to ensure that they are entertained. We once again stepped into the ring here. Dynamic and amusing situations captured with the Twister broke the ice at the event, ensured a great deal of fun on the set and strengthened the feeling of togetherness. The 360ties team worked flat out for nearly seven hours: many more people than expected wanted their photos taken.

It is therefore no surprise that we set a new 360ties record at this event. 350 pictures in 420 minutes, including positioning, instructions, actions, here and there a second attempt and confetti rain. This was a real masterpiece. With an average of four people per shoot, more than 1,400 guests were very pleased after an eventful evening with their rotating snapshots and ensured impressive reach by posting the photos in social networks.